Friday, 12 March 2010

Modoc the book

On a gray, foggy morning they came, rising on the cold north winds from the icy peaks, sweeping across the timberland into the gray, misty valleys of the Black Forest... baby sounds! Somewhere below the fog layer, the insistent wails of a baby could be heard, their temerity as if from Mother Earth herself.

~ I could NOT put this book down, period.

~ I thought this was one of the best stories ever!

~ Modoc is a wonderful, wonderful book and I am in the middle of reading it for the second time.

~ The story is beautiful.

~ Modoc is a fantastic novel from start to finish and definitely worth the read.

This story starts with the birth of a boy and a girl. A human and an elphant. Born at the exact same time on the same farm, from the beginning their futures were together. Modoc tells of the amazing journey of this pair from life to death, beginning to end. Filled with heart-wrenching hi's and low's, before the end you'll have used a full box of Kleenex at least.

BUY THIS BOOK AND READ IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN! You truly do not know what you are missing. Modoc is one of the greatest stories ever put to print.

~ I thank Ralph Helfer for writing this amazing book.

~ I urge you to spend the money for this book-what a tiny price to pay for an experience you will never forget. You will want to own this and keep it in your library forever.

~ I have never been so emotionally touched by a true story (and fictional) as this! I read it on a trip and could not stop crying (happy and sad)! I have been telling my family, friends, aquaintances, and even my veterinarian (after seeing an elephant picture in the waiting room) about this book -- in other words, I can't stop talking about it! The life journey of Bram and Modoc, which spans 70 years, is simply amazing!